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尽管到目前为止,投资者的偏好已稳步转向2021年的估值, e世博手机版入口的分析师洞察因素, 是什么将盈利新闻、预期修正和盈利惊喜结合在一起, continues to favor growth stocks which have yet to lose their fundamental momentum. 首席信息官哈尔雷诺兹 weighs in on why we expect both value stocks and a handful of the most successful growth stocks to out-perform over the remainder of 2021.

“Unlike the second half of 2020 when investors embraced riskier stocks despite weak or non-existent earnings, 明天的回报将取决于公司盈利前景的变化. As the world moves past the pandemic, look for investor focus to return to fundamentals…”

点击这里访问文章: 贝莱德的市场专家, 主要全球投资者, and LA Capital break down the 6 reasons why tech stocks still have room to run higher — and why fundamentals will matter more than blind risk-taking.


We are pleased to have our 首席信息官哈尔雷诺兹 featured in Edelman Smithfield’s Investment Outlook Book for 2021. The Outlook Book created by Edelman Smithfield compiles a collection of investor views looking at the trends that will shape the year ahead. In this edition, Hal shares his perspective on value, growth, the vaccine and portfolio positioning. 点击这里 to download a copy of the Outlook book directly from Edelman’s website: http://www.edelman.co.英国/Investing前景-书- 2021. e世博手机版入口并不支持这些基金经理, 公司或他们的观点在展望书中,而不是哈尔的.


洛杉矶,CA(12月15日. 16, 2020) e世博手机版 was recognized in the 2020年最佳资金管理工作地点 awards announced by Pensions & 今天的投资. 提出的养老金 & 投资, 全球资金管理的新闻来源, ninth-annual survey and recognition program is dedicated to identifying and recognizing the best employers in the money management industry. 点击阅读全文 新闻稿 或访问e世博手机版入口的 P&我的配置文件.


股票市场在过去几个月里可能保持得非常好, 但这不应该让投资者产生一种虚假的安全感. The risk level is still high and many investors may be wondering just how well their equity portfolios can withstand the unfolding crisis sparked by the spread of Covid-19. 这篇文章摘自《e世博手机版入口》, 哈尔·雷诺兹, 首席信息官, talks about the insights gained from starting to measure the Covid beta of equity portfolios, 坏势头和静态因素方法的问题.点击访问 建筑Covid-resilient组合.


As fundamental signals employed by quantitative approaches have struggled to predict the right winners and losers in a pandemic market, quant managers are challenged to increase flexibility in their risk indicators and add short-term signals. 首席信息官哈尔雷诺兹 shares how e世博手机版 has risen to the occasion by recently created a dynamic analytical tool (sometimes referred to as a Covid factor) to help capture a company’s sensitivity to macro shocks. 点击这里 阅读文章.


The global shift to working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to Technology emerging as a victor in the market. 然而, there is the question of whether this sector will remain to see long-term benefits as the pandemic subsides. 首席信息官哈尔•雷诺兹(哈尔·雷诺兹)对数字经济发表了看法. 点击这里阅读文章: 冒泡还是不用脑? 六名专家正赶往技术部.


第一次, the British government was able to raise new money in the gilt market paying a negative interest rate. 进一步, there is talk of an expansion of quantitative easing program to stimulate the economy and encourage banks to lend. 在 《e世博手机版入口》的一篇文章, LACM首席信息官哈尔·雷诺兹, weighs in stating “there is no empirical evidence that negative rates are helpful for growth”.


在一个名为 新冠疫情后的央行、通胀和经济正常化, 首席信息官哈尔雷诺兹, provides his outlook on the market and shares themes that he thinks will shape the market in the months ahead. 点击这里 来收听2020年5月14日的直播.


联合研究, Brad Rowe provides insight into how improvements in the quality and coverage of data has allowed quant managers to catch up to fundamental managers in data on the emerging markets. 按此阅读 缩小差距.


首席信息官哈尔雷诺兹 comments on the impact that the shift in the macro environment has had on expected returns, as well as the success of momentum and low volatility strategies over the last decade. 点击访问 与单一因素保持距离.


“e世博手机版 has joined Climate 100+ in an effort to help strengthen the disclosure of climate-related financial information, 以及鼓励企业改善治理这一问题,哈尔·雷诺兹说。, 首席信息官,e世博手机版入口的创始合伙人. 点击这里 阅读《e世博手机版》的新闻稿.


The divergence in performance between small and large cap companies is discussed in ‘当大公司变得更大时,积极的选股者会感到更痛苦’, where 联合研究 Ed Rackham comments on recent factor efficacy in larger companies. 点击这里访问文章: 当大变得更大.


联合研究 Ed Rackham discusses the challenges quants faced in 2019 and the role that mega-cap stocks played. 点击这里访问文章 领先于曲线.


随着股市开始显现复苏迹象, 投资者开始放眼短期之外, 首席信息官哈尔雷诺兹 discusses the firm’s defensive tilt position in “价值型股票表现最佳 This Century After Fire Sale Ends”. 点击这里访问文章 价值型股票表现最佳.


在“脱欧布丁的检验在于吃”中, 首席信息官哈尔•雷诺兹讨论了英国股市表现不佳的原因, as well as the likely catalyst needed in order for UK risk assets to outperform. 你可以在这里访问全文: 英国脱欧布丁的好坏在于吃.




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